Facts about immigration to Serbia

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Serbia visa-free for Indian passports: the only European country that

The Serbian gorges, vernacular architecture and the Dinarik Alps attest to its charming beauty. The country’s inaccessible roads now welcome you to explore this spectacular land. The government of the Republic of Serbia has announced visa exemption for Indian nationals and Iranian Americans holding ordinary passports. Since then, Indian nationals can visit Southeast European countries […]

Assisting foreigners with work and residence permits in Serbia

We provide clients with business consulting services, including effective help and support in hiring foreigners. These services are related to the submission of residence and work permit applications to foreigners who want to work in Serbia. Our proficient business consulting aims to provide the best advice in the fields of accounting and law and is […]

The top choice for studying in Serbia University of Belgrade

The University of Belgrade is the oldest and largest university in Serbia. It consists of 31 colleges with approximately 90,000 students, as well as 11 research institutions, university libraries and 7 university centers, most of which are located in the capital. According to the latest rankings of universities around the world (the well-known “Shanghai Rankings”), […]

Serbia trademark registration everything you want to know

If you have already determined that trademark registration is your right choice. You want to know what the next step is, or you are not sure about the object to be protected, the person who can become the trademark holder, the implicit meaning of the procedure and the estimated investment amount. In this blog post, […]

Public holidays in Serbia in 2020

Non-working holidays in Serbia in 2020 The national holiday of the Republic of Serbia is Sretenje-National Day of Serbia, which commemorates the day when the first Serbian uprising was held in the Parliament of Orašac in 1804 and the day when the first constitution was promulgated and sworn in in Serbia. In 1835. Sretnje-Serbia National […]

Guide to life in Serbia Da lipricaš Srpski? /Do you

Why you should learn Serbian Although many Belgrade people speak English, the basics of learning Serbian will be very useful in daily life-and always appreciated by the locals. Mastering the basic elements will provide you with better job opportunities, help you understand the menu and order dishes in restaurants, and fully integrate into Serbian culture. […]

Regarding Serbia, you should at least know its history

I rarely write history in my travel notes. Firstly, I feel that I have little knowledge and see things scattered and scattered. Secondly, I feel that I am afraid of cracks and mislead the audience, not once. All my perceptions of Serbia are based on its special history. So I tried to sort out the […]

Immigration to Serbia – Learn Serbian at Concord Language School

Learn Serbian easily with our well-trained professionals. By applying our methods, we will help you learn basic communication methods and become familiar with Serbian culture and customs. Over the years, we have accumulated experience in teaching Serbian as a foreign language, and in the process developed specific procedures and learning methods. Our students are immediately […]

6 reasons to study abroad in Serbia and start exploring

Serbia is a small country in Southeast Europe, with approximately 7.3 million people living in them, all of whom comprise more than 26 races. Serbia’s diversity is proven, and it also provides an opportunity for international students to experience and understand this turbulent and extraordinary place of history. You can learn all the relevant knowledge […]

Serbia buying real estate

When you purchase real estate, we will provide comprehensive legal support for foreign legal customers, and will give a complete overview of the documents of a certain real estate and determine its legal status, so that customers from abroad can ensure that the real estate is legal, and The purchase is safe. useful information: In […]