Facts about immigration to Serbia

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Why choose Serbia

Which banks can be considered? Currently, as a major bank, we are considering UniCredit, but you can open an account in a local company or a branch of a foreign company in most banks in Serbia. Customers will be able to decide on the spot (the number exceeds 20). Many large banking groups around the […]

Permanent residence visa for those who want to stay in

This type of visa is only applicable to foreigners who wish to live in Serbia for a long time and do not intend to return to their home country in the near future or who do not want to acquire Serbian citizenship at some point. General requirements In order to apply for this type of […]

Residence and work permit procedures in Serbia

Residence permit In order to obtain a work permit, a foreigner must first obtain a temporary residence permit-a residence permit. The application for residence permit will be submitted to the Ministry of the Interior together with the following documents: Prove that foreigners have sufficient funds to live in Serbia on their own;Proof that the foreigner […]

Serbia simplifies the processing of temporary residence and work permits

The Serbian government has simplified the application procedures for foreigners who wish to obtain a residence and/or work permit in Serbia The latest legal amendment (the “Aliens Law Amendment” introduced on April 29, 2019) expands the eligibility criteria for Serbian citizens or relatives of residents applying for temporary residence in Serbia, including the parents of […]

About visas in Serbia, school, employment, and work

In the Republic of Serbia, the immigration law is regulated by two laws: the Aliens Act (Official Gazette of the Republic No. 24/2018) and the Employment of Foreigners Act (Official Gazette of the European Union No. 128/2014, No. 113/2017 and 50/2018). Visa or visa exemption system According to Serbian law, a foreigner is any person […]

Frequently asked questions about immigration to Serbia

How long does it take to apply for a residence permit? 14 days, but the applicant must be present in the first three days to register an address, apply for residency and conduct an interview. After that, he/she must come one more day to obtain a residence visa. What are the conditions for obtaining a […]

Serbia immigration methods and our services

We have a top-notch Serbian immigration program. We can help you develop an immigration plan to reflect your unique preferences, policies and practices, and save your immigration expenses. In the process of your immigration application, we will work with you to make adjustments when necessary, and continue to introduce new immigration methods to make it […]

Immigration to Serbia Entry and Visa

Overview If you are considering moving to Belgrade, it is important to determine which VISA must be used for your passport before embarking on an adventure in Serbia. Some nationalities must obtain a visa even before a short visit, and regardless of your nationality, you will need a visa to move to Baicheng long-term. How […]