Facts about immigration to Serbia

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Did you know that Serbia offers many benefits that help simplify doing business? Whether you want to start a business in Serbia or just obtain a residence permit in Serbia, this is a list of 6 important facts that can make your business more successful

Easy account opening:

  • If you want to open a personal account, it takes 3 to 4 hours;
  • It takes 3 to 4 working days to open a business account;
  • The documents for opening a bank account are not complicated;
  • You can open an account in the following currencies: Euro, Swiss franc, Turkish lira, ruble, British pound, Canadian dollar, Danish kroner, Japanese yen, Swedish krona;
  • Electronic banking (support English), mobile banking, debit card;
  • Cash handling;
  • Anonymous credit card.

Non-resident bank accounts of legal entities can still be used in different jurisdictions and structures.

A Serbian company or branch of an existing company can be established in 3-5 days.

Simple procedure for obtaining the right of abode:

After registering a new company or branch of an existing legal entity, you can obtain a Serbian residence permit and obtain a work permit accordingly.

Without CRS:
Serbia has not yet signed or even negotiated an automatic information exchange agreement.

Avoid double taxation:
The Republic of Serbia has effective double taxation agreements with 54 countries (including most European countries): Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada, United Kingdom, UAE, etc.

In short: Serbia is the right place to expand your business!

Serbia, EU candidate country ranked second

One month express immigration to Serbia
The cost is only 4000 Euros.

1 Company establishment + work permit
1 or real estate transfer
2 D Visa Application
3 Application for Temporary Residence
4 Driver's License Application
5 Bank Account Opening

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