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The University of Belgrade is the oldest and largest university in Serbia. It consists of 31 colleges with approximately 90,000 students, as well as 11 research institutions, university libraries and 7 university centers, most of which are located in the capital.

According to the latest rankings of universities around the world (the well-known “Shanghai Rankings”), the University of Belgrade has ranked among the top 400 universities in the world.

The university’s faculties are divided into four groups: social sciences and humanities, sciences and mathematics, medical sciences, and technology and engineering sciences.

School of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • School of Economics-provides study courses in economics, business management, statistics and related subjects.
  • Law School-provides legal education at all stages of study.
  • Orthodox Theological Seminary-offers bachelor of theology, master of arts and doctorate programs.
  • Teacher Training Institute-to provide education for teachers and preschool teachers, and provide doctoral programs in teaching methods.
  • Security Academy-provides security engineering and forensics courses.
  • Special Education and Rehabilitation College-provides study programs in special education, rehabilitation, logo and related fields.
  • School of Political Science-focuses on education and research in the fields of political science, international relations, journalism and communication studies, and social policy and social work.
  • School of Physical Education and Physical Education-provides academic and applied courses in sports, entertainment and sports.
  • Philosophy College-provides academic courses on art history, ethnology, anthropology, philosophy, archaeology, anthropology, pedagogy, sociology, psychology and history.
  • Language Institute-provides study programs of Serbian language and literature, more than 30 foreign languages ​​and cultures, library and translation studies and related subjects.

Department of Medicine

  • Medical School-Provides comprehensive and doctoral research in medicine, as well as many academic and applied courses in nursing, public health and related disciplines.
  • School of Dentistry-Provides comprehensive dental and doctoral studies and applied research in related disciplines.
  • School of Veterinary Medicine-provides veterinary education at all stages of research;
  • School of Pharmacy-provides comprehensive and doctoral studies related to pharmacies and many professional research programs in related disciplines.

School of Science and Mathematics

  • School of Biology-provides study programs in biology, ecology, environmental protection and physiology.
  • School of Geography-provides education in geography, demography, tourism and spatial planning.
  • School of Mathematics-provides study courses in mathematics, informatics, astronomy and astrophysics.
  • School of Physical Chemistry-Provide courses of various levels of physical chemistry and applied professional research in forensic medicine.
  • School of Physics-provides physics research courses, including theory and experiment and meteorology.
  • School of Chemistry-provides academic education in the fields of chemistry and biochemistry.
  • School of Technology and Engineering Science
  • School of Architecture-provides education in the field of architecture and urban planning.
  • School of Civil Engineering-provides study programs in civil engineering, geodesy and geoinformatics, water management and environmental protection, and related disciplines.
  • School of Electrical Engineering-Provides electrical and computer engineering education.
  • School of Mechanical Engineering-provides academic courses in mechanical engineering at all levels.
  • Agricultural College-Provides education covering all aspects of agricultural production and food technology.
  • School of Mining and Geology-provides academic research programs in geotechnical environment and mining engineering, geophysics, hydrogeology, oil and gas, geology and related disciplines.
  • School of Transportation Engineering-to educate students in the field of transportation.
  • Burr Institute of Technology-is the only college of the University of Belgrade outside the capital, offering courses in mining and metallurgical engineering, as well as engineering management and technology.
  • School of Technology and Metallurgy-provides academic courses in chemical and biochemical engineering, textile technology, metallurgy and material engineering, and environmental protection.
  • School of Organizational Science-provides education in management, information systems and software, public administration and related disciplines.
  • Forestry College-provides courses in forestry, landscape architecture, ecology, wood technology and related fields.

Serbia, EU candidate country ranked second

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