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Work permits and conditions

If you want to come to Serbia to work, you need temporary or permanent residency, and a work permit commonly referred to as a “work visa”.

In order to obtain a work permit, you must have a temporary or permanent residence in Serbia.

In this guide, we will try to provide you with all the basic information about work permits.

What is the difference between residence permit and work permit?

Note: Considering that a temporary residence permit is sufficient to obtain a work permit, and the prerequisite for obtaining permanent residence is to have temporary residence, in this comprehensive guide, we will focus on the conditions and procedures for obtaining temporary residence, as well as work permits .

The temporary residence permit grants you the right of residence in Serbia during the period of the issuance of the permit (mainly for 1 year, but can be extended for a longer period of time).

The work permit grants you the right to work legally in Serbia during the period when the permit is issued (usually the same period as the issuance of the temporary residence permit).

Who needs a temporary residence permit?

Foreign citizens in the Republic of Serbia who have an Intent to stay in the Republic of Serbia for different purposes for more than 90 days. In this case, work for the purpose.

Type of work permit

The employment of foreign citizens in the Republic of Serbia is governed by the Law on Employment of Foreign Nationals.

The issuance of the work permit is as follows:

1) Personal work permit;

2) Work permit.

Only one type of work permit can be issued at the same time.

Foreign nationals with a work permit can only engage in activities permitted by the work permit.

Personal work permit

Note: This type of work permit is special and is suitable for rare situations based on the personal status of the foreigner. Considering that these work permits are special, this guide will not cover these permits, but if you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

In the following cases, a personal work permit shall be issued at the request of a foreign national:

1) He has a permanent residence permit; or

2) He has refugee status or;

3) He belongs to a special category of foreigners

Work permits

Note: This type of work permit is designed for common situations, and you should focus on these situations.

Work permits can be issued as:

1) Work permit;

(2) Work permit for special employment situation;

3) Self-employed work permit

1. Employment

According to the employer’s market conditions, a work permit is issued at the employer’s request, provided that the employer:

1) Before submitting an employment work permit application, the employee was not fired due to technical, economic or organizational changes in accordance with the work regulations, and these jobs are required to apply for an employment work permit;

2) Within ten days before submitting the work permit application, no republic citizen, free entry into the labor market, or foreigner with a personal work permit, and an organization responsible for hiring with appropriate qualifications registered in the country have not been found;

3) Attach a labor contract or other contract for exercising work-related rights in accordance with the law

Employer’s obligations

Employers who require a work permit:

1) The foreign national shall not be used for the work of another employer for the second time;

2) Compulsory social insurance must be registered for foreign nationals in accordance with the law;

3) Bear the cost of issuance of work permits and shall not transfer them to foreigners.

Employers of foreigners who have not obtained proper residence permits and work permits shall pay him all monetary requirements and pay taxes and compulsory social insurance premiums related to employment in accordance with employment-related regulations.

2. Special employment situation

A work permit for special employment situations shall be issued at the request of the employer, namely:

1) Seconded personnel;

2) Relocation within the company;

3) Independent professionals;

4) Training and improvement.

Seconded personnel

Work permits for secondees hired by foreign employers are issued at the employer’s request for the purpose of conducting activities or providing services in the territory of the Republic on the basis of business and technical cooperation contracts signed with foreign employers.

Relocation within the company

At the request of a branch (ie a subsidiary registered in the Republic), a work permit for a company registered abroad is issued for temporary secondment, that is, an employee is transferred to the branch (ie a subsidiary) to work, provided It is that the person has been employed by a foreign employer for at least one year as an executive officer, manager or expert (key person) in a specific field, and the person should continue to engage in the same activities in the foreign republic.

At the request of the branch (that is, the subsidiary company registered in the Republic), the work permit in the company registered abroad is issued for the purpose of temporary secondment, that is, the employed interns working in the organization unit, namely Subsidiary.

Independent professionals

Issue a work permit for an independent professional at the request of the employer (ie the end user of the service).

Training and improvement

Issue a work permit for training and improvement at the request of the employer (ie foreign national) for training, internship, professional practice, and vocational training (ie improvement).

3. Self-employment-obtain temporary residence and work permit by establishing a company

The easiest way to obtain temporary residency and work permits is to set up a company. In this case, you can start a business or register as an entrepreneur, and then apply for a residence and work permit.

Learn more about Serbian company formation.

Documents required to obtain a temporary residence and work permit
Mandatory documents

– Valid passport

-Proof of living documents during the planned stay

-Registered address in the Republic of Serbia

-Proof of health insurance during your planned stay

-Two photos

-Proof of payment of administrative expenses

-Provide other documents according to the type of work permit you need

If you have any questions, or want us to help you obtain residence and work permits, please feel free to contact us.

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