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In order to successfully resolve any legal issues, our law firm in Serbia relies on professionalism, confidentiality in relationships with clients, high-level legal knowledge, creativity, vitality and adaptability. Our lawyer work in Serbia combines professional training and experience to make each client responsible for all projects initiated by them.

We believe that the services of our professional and ethical law firm meet the highest standards and personalize our work in the Serbian legal services market. Our team of lawyers focuses on providing corporate and commercial matters to clients throughout Serbia. They are aggressive, understand the situation very well, and focus on customer needs. Our lawyers in Serbia have high expertise in all legal fields and are actively looking for the best solutions and constructive suggestions.

Our law firm in Serbia will help you successfully resolve any legal issues and help you become more competitive in the industry. Our lawyers will assist you in interacting with Serbian national authorities, other companies and your own clients. In any litigation case, we will also provide you with support and assistance to enable your company to obtain the best results.

How to open a company in Serbia
The main business of our law firm in Serbia is to provide clients with legal advice on various legal issues faced by the company during its business. Since you started your business in Serbia, we have provided you with services, including consulting on the establishment of your company, drafting the articles of incorporation, establishing and transferring share capital, increasing and reducing capital, setting up headquarters and other related matters regarding the procedures for opening a company in Serbia.

According to your company’s activities in Serbia, our lawyers can handle the matter of obtaining special permits and licenses from the competent authorities. If your company employs foreign citizens, they will need a work permit to be employed in Serbia. Our law firm can apply for a work permit from the National Employment Office and sign an employment contract on your behalf. In order to maintain your business in the following stages, our law firm in Serbia is able to edit, modify and monitor the execution of various types of internal and international commercial contracts, and draft legal opinions on any legal matters arising in the process The business activities of your company.

How do we solve the debt recovery problem in Serbia?

According to the provisions of Serbian law, we provide debt recovery services in accordance with law enforcement procedures from the amicable settlement procedure to the court trial procedure from the reconciled law firm in Serbia. In this legal document, our lawyers have extensive experience in debt collection cases. Our lawyers in Serbia are reliable partners and are committed to continuing mediation with the debtor and recovering your overdue claims in the fastest way. We can also provide you with commercial third-party collection, international collection services, and accounts receivable outsourcing.

In cases involving debtor bankruptcy proceedings, our Serbian law firm also represents its clients, and our Serbian lawyers carry out litigation in accordance with Serbian law until the company reorganization or bankruptcy proceedings and any litigation arising from previous litigation.

Tax advice and planning in Serbia

Our law firm in Serbia can provide financial advice on any tax law issues in order to carry out your company’s activities under the safest conditions. Our lawyers in Serbia can also represent you in litigation concerning budget claims. Since the Serbian legal framework in the field of tax law is extensive and involves secondary legislation, our lawyers will provide information on all changes to prevent any issues that may affect your company’s interests. Through our lawyers in Serbia, you can access a large network of experienced professionals. These matters include:

Annual audit in full compliance with applicable laws;

Provide tax compliance and planning services for any type of company;
Guaranteed services, partner tax and partner tax (if necessary);
Human resources services, employee disputes and extensive investigations.

Our company works with tax consultants and accountants as well as other professionals in complementary fields to provide you with a complete solution in tax compliance. Our law firm in Serbia will also provide guidance for foreign investors to avoid double taxation in accordance with the Serbian Double Taxation Agreement. By working with our team of experienced lawyers, you will know if you are eligible to apply for these tax incentives, and they will provide you with further support to take advantage of double taxation agreements.

Company liquidation service

When you want to close a company in Serbia, several conditions must be considered. In order to comply with all the rules stipulated in the Commercial Company Law, please seek the support of our law firm in Serbia. Our lawyers in Serbia will find the best solution to stop your company’s activities regardless of the reason for the liquidation. Our team of professional lawyers can provide services for all aspects of Serbian company liquidation. They can help you conclude all contracts, auction company assets to repay any liabilities and distribute the final balance sheet among shareholders. Our Serbian lawyers can also provide professional support for the dissolution of a company due to a change of status.

How to deal with litigation cases in Serbia?

Litigation cases in Serbia are handled in different courts, such as:

The Supreme Court of Serbia, the Supreme Court, is responsible for supervising cases in lower courts;
The Constitutional Court of Serbia is an independent entity responsible for general laws;
Serbia’s Court of Appeal, responsible for appeals in criminal cases and many other cases;
The municipal courts in Serbia are the first-instance courts that deal with criminal cases and judgments.

How do I obtain a work permit in Serbia?

According to the “Foreign Citizens Employment Law”, foreign workers and Serbian nationals have the same right to work. If a temporary or permanent residence permit has been issued to foreigners residing in the country, a work permit for Serbia is issued. Simple work permits are issued to all foreign citizens who hold different positions in Serbian companies. As for personal work permits, they can also be obtained by citizens with refugee status in Serbia. Our Serbian team of lawyers can explain all legal requirements.

Serbia’s virtual office service

International entrepreneurs who do not want to set up a company in a traditional office can purchase a virtual office package. These carry a prominent company address, phone numbers related to company activities, and the private number of the company owner. In most cases, virtual office packages are used for financial reasons, because the cost of such services is only a small part of a traditional office. Telephone answering and call forwarding are one of the services you can get through a virtual office in Serbia. We provide you with information about virtual office packages that you can buy in Serbia.

Support real estate due diligence in Serbia

Before buying property in Serbia, it is recommended that you conduct real estate due diligence, a procedure that involves verification of selected properties. In this direction, the documents of the property will be inspected, in addition, if any administrative procedures are going on, these documents are also easy to find. We remind you that our team of lawyers in Serbia can provide you with financial reports on the property you are buying, and can inform you of any legal issues you are involved in.

Our legal services in Serbia

If you are a foreign investor, if you want to know the complete details about how to conduct business, company registration, company management, tax planning, company litigation, permits and permits, expiring real estate, our Serbian lawyer team will be ready to help You serve due diligence, virtual office parcels, EORI registration, company liquidation and more. If you are interested in visas and work permits for Serbian employees, please feel free to seek legal support and help.

How can I move to Serbia?

Foreigners who want to move to Serbia need to apply for a Serbian visa immediately after preparing documents of this significance. When applying for a Serbian visa, you need to comply with the following requirements:

˚F oreigners must have a valid passport and sufficient funds for residing in Serbia;
It is important to have a clear criminal record before applying for a visa;
A medical insurance covering 20,000 Euros of medical expenses is required;
If minors or relocating minors, legal certification is required.

Serbia’s court structure

The Supreme Court of Appeal includes the Court of Appeal, the upper court, and the basic court established as a general jurisdiction. One type of special courts is called special jurisdictions and includes the following courts:

• Administration;
• Commercial appeals;
• Misdemeanor appeals.

The basic courts in Serbia deal with and arbitrate criminal charges and rule petitions for termination of legal consequences in convictions. Similarly, the same court is responsible for housing conflicts, international legal aid for citizens and employment cases in Serbia. The High Court of Serbia respects the Law on the Organization of Courts and ruled on criminal offences such as money laundering, crimes, leaking state secrets, constitutional violations or corruption cases. Moreover, these courts deal with discrimination cases, family issues (divorce, paternity leave, guardianship) and copyright disputes. Someone should know that the High Court of Serbia is responsible for appeals and can make judgments on this.

In order to correctly understand the duties of the courts in Serbia, it is best to seek legal support and information. This is what our Serbian lawyers can help.

Serbian judge

In the supervision of the activities and status of the law on judges, judges in Serbia, which mentioned that they are independent and can not be responsible for their judgments in the courts of the law, unless it is considered illegal to interfere in the case. The status of independent judges is determined by the Serbian High Judicial Court, which is the entity responsible for electing justices of the peace in the country.

Detailed information about the Serbian High Court Committee

In Serbia, in accordance with the country’s constitution, the High Court Committee was established in 2010 as an independent judicial body. The actions of the High Judicial Council in Serbia represent institutions and different independent and autonomous courts and judges in this state.

Please keep in mind that the Serbian authorities will ask for complete details about the purpose of the visit. We invite you to contact our team of lawyers in Serbia when applying for a Serbian visa to obtain comprehensive legal support.

Serbia, EU candidate country ranked second

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