Facts about immigration to Serbia

Advokat novi sad, Serbia immigration Lawyer in Novi Sad and Belgrade, Provide information on immigration to Serbia, including temporary residence permit, work permit, permanent residence permit, naturalization application, passport application and other related information

We have a top-notch Serbian immigration program. We can help you develop an immigration plan to reflect your unique preferences, policies and practices, and save your immigration expenses.

In the process of your immigration application, we will work with you to make adjustments when necessary, and continue to introduce new immigration methods to make it easier for you to complete your immigration to Serbia.

Our service process includes:

Assist in the design of immigration policies and plans, or improve your existing policies and procedures

Report the work process regularly to let you know the latest immigration progress

Provide the fastest and correct advice for immigration laws and customer needs

Pre-process the immigration process to speed up your immigration application

Serbia, EU candidate country ranked second

One month express immigration to Serbia
The cost is only 4000 Euros.

1 Company establishment + work permit
1 or real estate transfer
2 D Visa Application
3 Application for Temporary Residence
4 Driver's License Application
5 Bank Account Opening

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