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I rarely write history in my travel notes. Firstly, I feel that I have little knowledge and see things scattered and scattered. Secondly, I feel that I am afraid of cracks and mislead the audience, not once. All my perceptions of Serbia are based on its special history. So I tried to sort out the history that I know about Serbia, which is known as the “Key of the Balkans”.

Every street in Serbia, at the end of August, the maple trees are clean, colorful and unforgettable.

About the Balkans

First of all, we need a basic understanding of the Balkans: part, and this piece of land has basically formed the most complicated place of European ethnic composition since the Slavs settled down south.

About the former Yugoslavia

Tell the former Yugoslavia bow tie: it includes Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo (if it is considered internationally controversial, let’s just let it go). From such a disintegration, The former Yugoslavia is splendid and has a large territory. When these seven parts wear a pair of trousers, they are just like the Soviet Union before the disintegration of the Soviet Union, which constitutes a considerable part of the world.

Such three nationalities

Let these three ethnic groups come out separately: Serbia (Serb), Croatian (Croatian), Muslim (Mu), Serb represents Eastern Orthodox, Croat represents Catholics, and Muslim represents Islam, so The unpeace in the Balkans is closely related to the complexity of religion. You can refer to the history of Jerusalem, Israel, the complex religion, and the different habits and beliefs. You think I am unhappy, I think you are strange, so. . . In this area of ​​the Balkans, these three nations often fight against each other.

Supplement: This is the suffering of a big country playing a small country. Behind the Serbs is Russia, the Muslims are Turkey, and the Croats are the European Union. It is difficult for people your age to understand the Bosnia and Herzegovina massacre in 1992-1995. ——At that time, I was in Bosnia and Herzegovina lamenting the cruelty of war and the past of Bosnia and Herzegovina. But Uncle Peng’s words made me feel more pity for the people who set out here.

Key of the Balkans

It is said that the three treasures of Serbia, the Slavs, the handsome men, and Kafana drink to heal their injuries. It is also said that this is a place located in the core of the Balkan Peninsula, where the Sava River meets the Danube, the western world meets the eastern world, and Europe connects with the Near East. This geographic location has benefited from the reputation of the Balkan Key.

The national flag of Serbia.

Ottoman rule

The Eastern Roman Empire lasted for a thousand years, and the glory of Ottoman Turkey reached Serbia. By the end of the 15th century, Ottoman basically ruled Serbia.

The Turks were very simple at the time, holding a knife in one hand and the Koran in the other. Either you would convert me to Islam and mix with me, I would save your life, and I would give you a share of land and property.

As a result, some Serbs became Muslims, that is, “people who obey the will of Allah.”
-Later, the former Yugoslavia government has nothing to do, so they, who own a lot of land, we call landlords, become an independent nation (Serbians who believe in Muslims). Let them have all equal rights, so as to accidentally plant the seeds of the outbreak of class conflict.
(You have more land than me and richer than me, just because you have apostasy in the last century. Now that you are independent and you find the same rights, you have your own nation… I am not convinced!)

Repeated in the restoration and destruction
In modern history, a stupid young Serbian, Principe, fired seven shots in a row with a Browning M1900 automatic pistol on the streets of Sarajevo (now the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina), and assassinated the Crown Prince of Austro-Hungary who was visiting Sarajevo and him. Wife.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia because of this, which led to the outbreak of the First World War.
Serbia successfully resisted the three offensives of the Austrian Empire at the end of 1914. In 1915, the Allies (including Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Bulgaria) jointly launched an offensive against Serbia and occupied the entire territory.

Since then, Serbia has repeated itself in the restoration and destruction.

Classmate Lao Zhang said: The courage of a man is not a patriotic youth. I went to Sarajevo. I went to the Latin Bridge that triggered the First World War. I can still imagine that one person’s bravery and patriotism triggered the disaster of the entire nation. Isn’t such courage and such love a bit different? Responsible?

Tito and China

After World War II, everyone knew that Yugoslavia was terrible during World War II. At this time, the Soviet Union appeared. The Soviet Union not only helped China, but also Yugoslavia. Why would we all be brothers and sisters of the third world?

At this time, there was a key person named Tito, Tito, I think he has done two great things. The first one is to establish a good friendship with China. You talked about Tito and Mao Zedong on the streets of Serbia. The friendship between China and Serbia, Comrade Tito was also engaged in the socialist market economy at the time, and Yugoslavia became a relatively wealthy country in Eastern Europe. The second case was the launch of the Non-Aligned Movement, and the brothers and sisters of the Third World were together.

Bombed by NATO

The last Yugoslavia disintegrated in 1990, the Bosnia-Herzegovina massacre in 1992-95, the Kosovo War in 1999, Serbia was bombed by NATO (the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia was accidentally bombed and died to replace the Chinese journalist)

About why Yugoslavia disintegrated?

First, Yugoslavia is engaged in regional ethnic autonomy and a high degree of autonomy. You belong to this nation and you can manage your own nation. Therefore, it is difficult to unify the economy, language, and culture. There are also differences between North and South, and class contradictions begin. Up.

Second, the hatred left during World War II, Yugoslavia actually slaughtered each other between the two races during World War II. The separation of Sek was originally a historical issue.

Third, Comrade Tito initiated the reduction of Serbianism. At that time, many Serbian cadres were reorganized, leaving this Yugoslavia without a participant in the nation to stand, the boss is gone, and the second and third are starting to move around.

Why the Balkans always become a gunpowder keg

As for the gunpowder barrels, it is not because the geographical location here is too “good”, at the intersection of Asia and Europe, rich in forest and mineral resources. . . Everyone wants a good place, just like Jerusalem.
The church of St. Sava, you must go in, the inside is magnificent and magnificent.

The Capitol, now the gate of the Capitol is full of banners, telling you how many people were killed in the war and how cruel history is. It has become a place for war education.

This is the place where the Danube and Sava rivers meet, the Belgrade Fortress, quietly looking at the country, such a peaceful river surface, such a ship slowly shifting, who knows that it was once strong and fragile, it Be strong and strong.

Now there is only one such monument left in the Chinese Embassy in Serbia. Even if you don’t look it carefully, you will find this sign. Now the Chinese embassy is under reconstruction, and there is also a Japanese embassy with Japanese decoration next to it, which is interesting.

History is tortuous. I have seen the history of so many countries. Before 1990, my humble opinion is that the history of every country is a cycle. There will be contradictions when peace is long, and when there are many contradictions, there will be wars. Wars have passed. In exchange for peace, and then start a cycle. When I was a child, the first sentence of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms was: “Speaking of the general trend of the world, we must divide for a long time, and we must unite for a long time.”

However, Serbia, a country that has been rebuilt forty-four times, when you go today, everything is quiet and peaceful, beautiful and handsome, drinking and entertainment, and artistic life. You will know and understand why I would say “Serbia, the beginning of the lantern ,reborn”.

Serbia, EU candidate country ranked second

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