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Learn Serbian easily with our well-trained professionals. By applying our methods, we will help you learn basic communication methods and become familiar with Serbian culture and customs.

Over the years, we have accumulated experience in teaching Serbian as a foreign language, and in the process developed specific procedures and learning methods. Our students are immediately introduced to topics that can still be used even after their first class.

If you are a foreigner who wants to learn Serbian and learn more about Serbia and its culture, then Concord Language School is your ideal choice. Our study program is unique because it not only involves language learning, but also provides information about important parts of Serbian culture and lifestyle.

Introduction to Serbian

Introduce spoken and written language, with conversational ability as the main goal. The course emphasizes grammar, oral expression and listening comprehension, and aims to provide practical language guidance for beginners. After completing this course, you can expect to be able to speak in the present and future tenses, have a sufficient vocabulary (500 to 1,000 words) to participate in daily conversations, and be able to read and write simple letters.

Group course

Serbian group courses follow our plan from elementary to advanced, but we are also willing to adapt flexibly to the special interests of the group.

The nature of group courses is dynamic. Students have the opportunity to meet new friends and share with them their rich experience of learning Serbian at Concord Language School.
Please note that unless we have at least four students enrolled at the beginning of each of the four main courses (at least eight weeks), we will not be able to provide regularly scheduled group courses. Students can choose to put their names on the waiting list for possible group lessons, or arrange private lessons.
Individual courses

Based on the results of the “Interest and Needs Analysis”, courses tailored specifically to the needs of individual students.

When we focus on the individual needs of students, they can learn the language and reach the required level of ability in a short time.

Private lessons offer flexible schedules and customized courses. The recommended module is at least 20 hours per week, one or two lessons per week (90 or 120 minutes each), but the date, time and content can be arranged according to your requirements.

Whether your focus is on reading and writing professional documents, using specific terminology for presentations, or gaining confidence and fluency in different professional and social situations, we will work with you to design a program that meets your needs.

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Serbia, EU candidate country ranked second

One month express immigration to Serbia
The cost is only 4000 Euros.

1 Company establishment + work permit
1 or real estate transfer
2 D Visa Application
3 Application for Temporary Residence
4 Driver's License Application
5 Bank Account Opening

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