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If you are considering moving to Belgrade, it is important to determine which VISA must be used for your passport before embarking on an adventure in Serbia. Some nationalities must obtain a visa even before a short visit, and regardless of your nationality, you will need a visa to move to Baicheng long-term.

How it works

Applying for a Serbian VISA includes a lot of information, money and patience, but don’t worry-we have compiled all the necessary information into an easy-to-read guide. If you do not need a short-term residence visa, you can enter the country with a valid passport after arriving in Belgrade and apply for your specific visa.

First, let us look at the information presented in this section:

  • Transit visa: if you transit through Serbia to a third country.
  • Short-term visa: If you want to stay in Serbia for more than 3 months.

If you are already in Serbia (with or without a short-term residence visa) and want to stay here longer, you have two options depending on the length of your planned stay:

Temporary visa: If you want to stay in Serbia for more than 3 months.
Permanent residence visa: If you want to stay in Serbia for a long time.

Serbia, EU candidate country ranked second

One month express immigration to Serbia
The cost is only 4000 Euros.

1 Company establishment + work permit
1 or real estate transfer
2 D Visa Application
3 Application for Temporary Residence
4 Driver's License Application
5 Bank Account Opening

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