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How long does it take to apply for a residence permit?

14 days, but the applicant must be present in the first three days to register an address, apply for residency and conduct an interview. After that, he/she must come one more day to obtain a residence visa.

What are the conditions for obtaining a temporary residence permit

Set up a company in Serbia and then obtain a work permit.

Work in Serbia or foreign companies/NGOs/churches/sports clubs working in Serbia.

The company’s real estate in Serbia.

Become a student in Serbia.

For family gatherings, when one spouse obtains a residence permit, the other can participate, as can minor children.

Marry a Serbian citizen or have an additional marriage relationship with a Serbian citizen.

Can I take my family to Serbia? What is the age limit for family reunion?

Yes. We can arrange for you.

You can bring underage children to family gatherings and/or for school reasons. For your parents, the best solution is to use real estate as the legal basis for residence.

What should I do if the extension of the temporary residence permit is refused?

You can reapply. If you encounter such problems, please contact us. We can help.

Can a temporary residence permit be changed to a permanent residence permit?

Yes. We can do this for you, but after 5 consecutive years of permanent residency renewal.

Do I need medical insurance and pension insurance to obtain a temporary residence permit?

Yes, medical insurance is necessary. Serbia can accept foreign medical insurance. No endowment insurance is required.

Do they need insurance if I apply for my family to go to Serbia?

Yes, medical insurance is necessary. Serbia can accept foreign medical insurance

Can I convert a Serbian driver’s license?

If you are from the European Union and European countries, your international driving license (called a “green card”) will be recognized. In other cases, you should pass the practical driving test and must also pass the theory test in Serbian.

If I am a temporary or permanent resident of Serbia, do I have to pay taxes?

You will be considered a tax resident. The Serbian Tax Office issues tax residency certificates for double taxation avoidance agreements with corresponding countries/regions. Serbia has concluded the aforementioned agreements with almost all European countries.

If you want to become a tax resident in other places, you only need to bring another country’s tax resident status confirmation.

What are my obligations as a tax resident?

If you are a tax resident, submit your tax return before March 31 of each year. We can help you do it correctly. Please contact us.

Serbia, EU candidate country ranked second

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