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Advokat novi sad, Serbia immigration Lawyer in Novi Sad and Belgrade, Provide information on immigration to Serbia, including temporary residence permit, work permit, permanent residence permit, naturalization application, passport application and other related information

We provide clients with business consulting services, including effective help and support in hiring foreigners. These services are related to the submission of residence and work permit applications to foreigners who want to work in Serbia. Our proficient business consulting aims to provide the best advice in the fields of accounting and law and is related to the administrative work surrounding the submission of visa applications for foreigners in Serbia.

As far as its employees are concerned, whether it is a domestic company that wants to hire foreigners or a foreign company that wants to expand its business and establish a new company in Serbia, customer satisfaction always comes first.

We specialize in various businesses related to company registration and complete administrative work related to legal employment and foreign self-employment. Our team is composed of experienced experts who have many years of experience in accounting and providing services to domestic and foreign clients.

Our tasks related to hiring foreigners:

  • Submit an application to obtain a residence permit,
  • Submit an application for the issuance of a personal work permit,
  • Submit an application for the issuance of a work permit,
  • Submit an application for the issuance of a work permit for special employment situations,
  • Submit an application for the issuance of a self-employed work permit.
  • Step 1: Obtain a residence permit in Serbia
  • Foreign citizens living in Serbia must report their place of residence at an address within 24 hours. If he wants to find a job in Serbia, he must obtain a work permit and only if all the conditions are met. One of the conditions is the residence permit or the approval of foreigners residing in Serbia.

Our expert team provides services for submitting residence permit applications. In addition to preventing administrative errors, we also participate in the correct interpretation of laws and regulations.

Services we provide related to residence permits:

  • Report the residence of the foreigner,
  • Submit an application to obtain a residence permit,
  • Submit an application for temporary residence,
  • Submit an application for extension of foreigner’s residence,
  • Fill out the form, prepare and attach the documents required to obtain the residence permit.
  • Step 2: Obtain a foreigner’s work permit

When a foreign citizen wants to find a job in the Republic of Serbia, he must submit an application to obtain a personal work permit. Personal work permits are related to the personal status of foreigners. In the case of unemployment, employment, self-employment and realization of foreigners’ legal rights are necessary.

A work permit is a document issued by the National Employment Service. This document allows foreigners to find work in Serbia. The application for the issuance of a work permit has been submitted to the National Employment Service.

Our agency will submit an application for foreigners in accordance with the procedures and the deadlines stipulated by the law.

The work permit has nothing to do with the personal status of foreigners. The work permit is issued to:

  • Employment,
  • Special employment situation
  • Self-employed
  1. Work permit for foreigners employing legal persons from Serbia

In order to obtain the right to work in Serbia, foreigners must submit an application for employment. According to the law, this application is submitted by an employer or legal person who wants to hire a foreigner.

HLB T&M Consulting provides legal and consulting assistance to legal persons in the process of obtaining employment permits for foreign citizens, and has submitted an application for obtaining a work permit.

Legal help for obtaining a work permit includes:

  • Submit an application to NES describing the job market testing process (if the employer wants to hire a foreign country instead of a domestic citizen, this must be done)
  • According to the additional report of the job market test created by NES,
  • Submit an application for issuance of a work permit within 15 days,
  • Attach and provide documents related to permanent residency, as well as proof of payment of administrative taxes,
  • Explain all conditions, restrictions and promises in accordance with the law,
  • Attach and prepare documents, as well as labor contracts (or other contracts between employers and foreigners).

After obtaining a work permit, we provide customers with the following services:

  • Apply for compulsory social insurance for foreigners,
  • Compulsory social insurance salary and payment calculation,
  • Submit the tax application to the authorities,
  • Check whether employers and foreigners meet the conditions for obtaining a work permit for hiring foreigners,
  • Employers have the right to hire foreigners as students or part-time workers. Our service involves submitting applications to hire work permits for students and part-time employees
  1. Work permit for self-employment
    If a foreigner submits an application, he can obtain a self-employed work permit in Serbia. On the other hand, if a foreign citizen is a legal person registered outside Serbia, he also enjoys certain rights. In this case, he can expand his business scope and establish a company in our country. In both cases, foreign citizens must hold a residence permit.

If you need help with business consulting and self-employment work permit, we provide the following services:

  • Submit the company establishment application to the business registration agency,
  • Provide comprehensive consulting assistance on the establishment of a company within the statutory time limit,
  • Submit an application for temporary residence,
  • Submit an application for extension of the alien’s temporary residence right,
  • Submit an application to obtain a self-employed work permit,
  • Collect and submit documents about planned activities-work type, scope and duration,
  • Collect certificates of academic qualifications and degrees related to vocational education,
  • Collect proof of ownership or rent of the company’s business premises,
  • Prepare proof of available equipment,
  • Prepare a statement about the number and structure of employees.
  1. Work permit for special work situation

Foreign citizens working in foreign companies can be transferred to our country for temporary work. Moreover, they can be temporarily transferred to branches of foreign companies located in Serbia. In both cases, they must have a work permit to be legally employed.

We provide document preparation services and submit applications for obtaining work permits required for foreigners’ employment. The license application submitted is:

  • Work permit for foreigners,
  • Work permit to work in a foreign company,
  • Work permit for independent professionals,
  • This work allows qualification and development.

Contact us for support regarding work and residence permits

We provide the best support for domestic employers and foreign clients who want to hire foreign citizens when setting up companies and hiring workers. We provide fast and reliable company services registered in Serbia, as well as other services related to company registration. We not only provide services to Serbian customers, but also provide professional and professional help to foreign customers.

For any questions and questions related to work and residence permits, we are always at your disposal. In order to make the process comply with legal requirements, you can contact our consultants to make an appointment and ensure the quality of our services.

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